By Hogan Long


Ok, so I don't really mean it. I like collecting magic cards and I like playing magic so WOTC's decision to include foil cards in Urza's Legacy does not upset me, it will be yet another neat adjunct to collect and savor.

However I am concerned because the format I enjoy the most is limited. There is a high potential for foil card's to wreck havoc on the limited format. Actually, I don't think it will have much impact on draft. Rare drafters will still rare draft (just with a bit more glee) and non-rare drafters can often get away with the single rare draft. The format I am most worried about is sealed deck.

With the advent of the K value system, it has become de regure to register sealed decks. This can create a lot of problems when foil cards are included in the sealed deck. Because foil cards are going to be highly prized it will make sense to come to a sealed deck with 3 extra cards (or an extra sealed pack) to insert in place of the foil card (or a pack with a foil in it). It is easy to justify this morally. "Well I did open the foil card so it should be mine". This is to be expected, by adding foil into the system WOTC is creating this problem.

I know that many people are going to feel this way because I am not looking forward to having to face giving away a foil card that I open in a sealed deck. I had no problem giving away Jester's Caps, Hammers, Abayences, Time Spirals, and all the rest of the hot cards when they were hot. But, foil cards are going to be a lot rarer than your average good rare.

I have a simple solution. I hope the DCI will sanction this solution in order to maintain the integrity of the sealed deck format. When and if you open a foil card you are allowed to go to the TO (Tournament Organizer) and have him oversee you replacing the foil card with a non-foil version. This non-foil version can be your own (assuming it is in mint) or one you purchase at the time of the replacement. This would mean the sealed deck would still be the same, but you get to keep the foil card you opened.

This simple solution would maintain the integrity of the event and discourage the problem of people indiscriminately replacing the cards with random cards they happen to have on them. This solution provides for the best of both worlds: the fun of foil cards and the standard of a non-tampered sealed deck.

May all your draws be good ones,
Hogan Long
Team Grumpy Old Men
If you ain't grumpy, it ain't Magic - Team Motto

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