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Pictures from Tammy's Birthday Party 2000
An Italian dinner, some drinks, and then a trip downtown to AsiaRoma for karaoke. The making of a good birthday party... and I've got pictures to prove it. Lucky for us all, no one bled from the ears, thanks to me not singing.
Pictures from Beth's Farewell My Concubine Party
A good time was had by all.  The Cosmopolitans ran like water.  To everyone's surprise it turns out Beth's apartment can hold more than 6 people!
Gwen Sanchirico also took some pictures at the party.
Pictures from Janet's Dim Sum Birthday Party
Even if the service was "not what it could have been," we still had a blast.  The food was good and we did finally get to eat before dinner time.
Pictures from my Dad's Retrospective Show
Some candids that were taken at opening of my father's show. If you want to see pictures of the work they can be found on the link to my father's web-site below.
9-3-99 to 9-5-99
Pictures from Team Pro-Tour: DC
The mystery of arm-raising revealed. Plus, how many Magic reporters can you fit in a coat closet?
With pictures of Vince, Scott, Pat, John, Adrian and myself.
Misc Pictures of Me
Includes random pictures of me and pictures of me from on my old ugly website (now my *new* ugly website - Ok, maybe not as ugly and certainly high-tech).
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