This is my homepage it does not have a whole lot in it yet
(That was written a few years ago and it is still true - but it has more than it used to.)
Modified 12/8/2001
More about me
Modified 12/2000
My Photo Albums
View many pictures of me and my friends.
Modified 11/2000
Article Archive
An archive of articles I've written about the Magic: The Gathering card game.
Of course, I now run the www.NeutralGround.net site - so this is kinda out of date (unless you enjoy reading about magic history).
My links page
This is the page that I actually use as my starting page in the browser. It contains links to the pages that I like to visit on a daily (or more?) basis. Sorta personal, but if you get your kicks seeing what I like to read, check it out.
Modified 1/17/2002
More Link pages than you can shake a stick at:
Main Links Page, Friends, Info, LiveJournal, Funny, Music, MTG, Horizons
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