This page has a collection of articles I've written. As you can see most of them are old. More recently I've been running a web site called Neutral Ground Online and all of my writting on magic (such as it is) has been posted there. Almost all of these reports you see below were originally posted on the dojo.
The "Weekday Reports"
Tuesday Tournaments
5-6-97, 5-13-97,5-20-97, 6-3-97
Friday Tournaments
5-9-97, 5-17-97,5-23-97
List of players from my tournament reports
Back in the day every Tuesday and Friday Neutral Ground would hold a sealed deck tournament and I was there. For some reason in '97 I decided to start writing tournament reports about some of these tournaments. It was kinda neat because it seems the process of writing a report (and thus taking notes) improved my game; I could not lose. I ended up with these reports about a number of tournaments I won.
Pro-Tour Qualifier Reports
Pro-Tour Reports
Pro-Tour NY Report Card (5-31-97)
Pro-Tour NY Report Card '98 (4-21-98)
The Pro-Tour Report Card was an invention of mine and I had great hopes for it. I was going to do a report card every year the tour came to New York. But I was so dis-heartened by Pro-Tour NJ (called Pro-Tour NY '99), that I could just not bring myself to write one. I think this was also the same time I was writing the first version of Neutral Ground Online, so I guess I did not have a whole lot of time. I've always been sad that no one else picked up on the report card format.
Team Challenge (4-98)
The Team Challenge was an invite only tournament run by dojo founder Frank Kusumoto. on the last day of the Pro-Tour. Having written a number of reports for the dojo I was able to convince Frank to let me field a team. I got a bunch of Neutral Ground regulars (and the unstopable Mikey P.) to play on my 4 man team. We did great, in fact we did not make the finals only because of some bizzar tie-breaking scheme invented on the spot to solve the problem of 4 person teams and only 3 rounds.
Misc stuff from 98 and 99
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